The top 100 most popular girl names of 2014 so far

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Some neat onesies I painted up for a new arrival. A nautical theme began to develop, so I just went with it.

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Doc Martens for Babies!!

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Yesterday I married the man of my dreams, and I’m just as happy as the first day I met him 😘 #gonzalez2014


Aaliyah as the fictional Queen Akasha of Kemet in the 2002 film Queen of the Damned.

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To raise awareness of the effects of plastic waste in our world’s oceans, all the pieces in G-STAR RAW collection contain recycled plastics. Plastic is a major threat to the health of our oceans due to the rotating water currents in each of the major ocean systems, which accumulate debris fragments into expansive patches. Plastics break down into smaller segments upon long-term exposure to water as well as ultra-violet radiation. Unfortunately, these segments are unusable within the environment, as no natural organism can break down these synthetic molecules. Modifications to the chemical composition of newly manufactured plastic may change this, but until then, conservation initiatives like this G-STAR collection may be the only plan of action to clean our oceans.

- Chris Ing, | #iOnFashion, NYFW 2014 

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Broadway and spring

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Natural hair color ideas and inspiration!

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